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Sophie's Misfortunes
a film by Christophe HONORÉ
Original title : Les Malheurs de Sophie
avec Caroline Grant, Anaïs Demoustier, Muriel Robin et Golshifteh Farahani

Release date : april 20th 2016


Sophie is far from being the model little girl one would like her to be, unlike her friends Camille and Madeleine. She always insists on having her own way, often getting into trouble, to the despair of one and all. She cuts her mother's fish into tiny pieces, she just misses burning herself wading through quicklime, she tortures her wax doll or cuts off her own eyelashes to look prettier! In a word, Sophie is constantly up to no good and has some naughty vices, such as gluttony, laziness or even dishonesty. But her mother is unbending and otherwise inclined. She wants her daughter to enjoy the essential of a good upbringing. She will not let her get away with anything, and poor Sophie will often have to live with the consequences of her bad behavior and learn her lesson. Which is not always very easy!

20/04/16 - Madame Fichini
Secrets de tournage du film : un module consacré à Madama Fichini
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20/04/16 - La petite fille Modèle
Secrets de tournage du film : un module consacré à Sophie
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LES MALHEURS DE SOPHIE de Christophe Honoré - clip de la chanson de Sophie !
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