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My brother is getting married
a film by Jean-Stéphane BRON
Original title : Mon frère se marie
en Coproduction avec Boxproductions
Producteur délégué : Boxproductions
(Thierry Spicher et Elena Tatti)

Release date : january 31st 2007


Vinh, a Vietnamese refugee, was adopted 20 years earlier by a Swiss family and is about to get married. His Vietnamese mother seizes this opportunity to finally meet the family that loved and raised her son. And to meet the people who write her postcards every Christmas to tell her that the whole family is united and thinking of her.
But things are not quite going the way these messages imply and the unexpected visit of Mrs Nguyen is going to cause some agitation to the family.
Now they are going to have to act out the forgotten roles of father, mother, brother and sister… to play the fragile comedy of happiness.

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