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The Very Merry Widows
a film by Catherine CORSINI
Original title : Mariées mais pas trop
en Coproduction avec Versus Production (Belgique)

Release date : july 09th 2003


At twenty, Laurence is always ready to fall in love. Unfortunately, she scares off her suitors with her eagerness. As a result, they either cheat on her or dump her! When her mother dies, Laurence decides to find Renée, her grandmother, whom she hasn't seen since she was a child. Renée isn't particularly keen on seeing her granddaughter again… Her naivety annoys her immensely. To prove to Laurence that true love doesn't exist and that men will continually fool her, Renée offers to train her in her art of living. An art that consists of a few basic rules: seduce a rich man, marry him as soon as possible, quickly rid yourself of him (discreetly but permanently), pocket his life insurance premium, use it selfishly and… start all over again. Laurence allows her unusual grandmother to train her. But it's a risky game… both for this fiendish couple and for the men who cross their path…

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