au 25 rue Michel Le Comte
expo Laurent Champoussin   |   série stéréoscopique de Raphaël O'Byrne   |   ils sont au 25RMLC

A building steeped in history and belonging to the City Hall of Paris, the 25 rue Michel Le Comte was totally redone between 2010 and 2014. During this period, the photographer Laurent Champoussin came to take pictures of this old mansion left unrenovated for more than 60 years, in which several apartments were even left abandoned.

A serie of these pictures was exhibited at the 25 rue Michel Le Comte in December 2015 along with a journal retracing the whole story of this building since the XVI th century. Initially designed to be a tennis court, it then became a theatre for Corneille’s first plays, and more recently hosted different workshops for craftsmen and the very first meetings of the AIDES association…


Voici une sélection qui a été présentée à l’occasion des 25 ans des Films Pelléas.


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